The Firm

 Founded in 2019

With Bill Hitchcock's scientific acumen including patented inventions, Dr. Michael Puckett's experience in startup ventures along with business advising, and Attila Madarasz's international experience in product management, business development, and C-level operations - the 3 felt they could create the perfect storm together in starting an innovative company around the consumer goods world.

BAM Concepts

Our Vision & Philosophy

Our vision is to bring one-of-a- kind products to the United States market and eventually on an international platform through strategic planning, alliances, and the utilization of technology.

Using experience, knowledge, science and efficacy in achieving unique products and services for consumers.  This will only be achieved through transparency, integrity, and professionalism with our business partners and stakeholders.  We strive to bring value to consumers with clear results and give back to the community.

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Michael Puckett, DDS

Founder, Managing Director

Michael has successfully run his own dental practice for decades while investing and managing other business ventures demonstrating success with products such as Dentisafe, Specialty Testing, and Biostrike.   His wealth of knowledge in investments and startups has enabled BAM Concepts, LLC to become established as it begins executing new projects.  His leadership in the local business community of the Triad area of NC has gained him much respect over the years, thus the demand of his serving on several local boards as a business adviser.  

Email :  Tel: +1-336-685-1661

Our Leaders

Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.

John D. Rockefeller

Mission Statement

To combine science and innovation in bringing more value to consumers while fulfilling the social responsibility of helping others and the environment.