Introducing Our


At BAM Concepts, LLC we have brought together differing backgrounds of expertise to challenge the consumer & commercial markets as they are today.  There is always a way to add value by challenging status quo.  

Our team takes a look at everyday products to determine if science and/or design can be applied to simply make them better.   We like to build upon the latest trends in various industries and push the boundaries for excellence.

Our Business Sectors


Consumer Products

 New product development services from ideation to full scale launch.  With our strategic partners we will design, prototype, refine, manufacture, and distribute products implementing full scale marketing & business development with the latest technologies.


Business Consultation

With over 80 years of combined experience, our executive team specializes in finding new business opportunities.  We help develop product road maps, set strategic direction, build business plans, set up international operations, and ensure both legal and financial safeguards are established.


Chemical Engineering

Our research and development laboratory enables our scientists to work together with our product development specialists.  This is where our magic happens to determine how an existing product can be made better or create a new one for a market need.

Opportunities don't happen. You create them

Chris Grosser